How often can points be earned? <span style="color: rgb(25, 169, 21); font-weight: 700;">Once a month</span><br/><br/><b>Our Earth is on the brink of collapse — only you can save it.</b> Embark on a journey through time to restore our home in #UNTAMEreboot — an online interactive platform where you can stand to win attractive prizes by playing a collection of mini-games, video quizzes, and carrying out real-world activities. Explore a variety of different habitats and uncover the damage done to the planet by humanity's unsustainable living and practices. With the help of a mysterious new technology, you'll set off on missions to restore ravaged environments — watch the impact of your actions unfold as you transform the planet bit by bit back into a vibrant and beautiful one. It's time to reboot our world! <b>Register for a FREE account at the link above</b>☝️ Redeem your #UNTAMEreboot points for mangrove trees with susGain!🌳
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