The Digital Collage Workshop
How often can trees be redeemed? <span style="color: rgb(25, 169, 21); font-weight: 700;">Once a month</span><br/><br/><b>The Digital Collage is a fun and collaborative 3 hours’ workshop centered on collaboration and collective intelligence.</b> The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness and train participants on the environmental issues of the digital technology. 📅 Upcoming Sessions: Tuesday, 15 March 2022 ⏰ 7.00 - 10.00pm 📍 20 Maxwell Rd 💰 $5.00 ☝️Click on the link above to for more details and to sign up.☝️ <b> Plant 1 tree 🌳 with your participation. Pin code will be provided at the event.</b> Go to "My Impact" for more information and details about the carbon sequestered.
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