Bugs Hotels Making Workshop
How often can points be earned? <span style="color: rgb(25, 169, 21); font-weight: 700;">Once a day</span><br/><br/><b>Bug hotels benefit lots of different minibeast and insects such as ladybirds, bees and spiders. Minibeasts can then use your bug hotel as a safe space to shelter, lay their eggs, raise their young, and seek refuge from predators.</b> Best way to teach children how to appreciate and co-exist with nature. Other than picking up woodworking skills, children are able to bring their bugs hotels home. This creates spaces for children to observe insects in their sanctuary at their own free time. 7 November 2021 (Sunday) 9.30am – 11.30am ☝️Click on the link above for detail and to sign up.☝️ Claim 200 susGain points at the event.
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