6th Zero Waste Bootcamp
How often can points be earned? <span style="color: rgb(25, 169, 21); font-weight: 700;">Once a day</span><br/><br/>If you can set aside 3-6 hrs a week for a ground up project to benefit the planet and the community and are: - Between 18-35 yrs old - Resident in Singapore - A team player Sign up for Secondsguru's 6th Bootcamp at The 12 week program kick starts on Sept 4th and will wrap up by December 2021. There are 3 key points in the 12 week timeline 1. Kick off | 10am - 5pm, 4 September, 2021. 2. Mid term review | Mid October 2021. (Date TBC) 3. Final review | December 2021. (Date TBC) Want to know more? Click on the link above for more details ☝️ or check out: Write to us at if you have questions.
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